Symptoms of HIV


The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a lentivirus that causes the AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) among humans, in which the immune system of the body fails progressively, thus losing the ability to fight against any type of diseases, ultimately leading to life threatening cancers and infections to develop and strive at the cost of the human life.

What causes back pain?


Back pain is one of the most common health issues appearing among people of almost all the age groups ranging from teenager to an old person, generally in the 30-60 years’ age group. Thus it becomes one of the main reasons of people staying absent from colleges and offices. Although back pain may be uncomfortable and painful, it is rarely serious. Experts believe that back pain is associated with the way our body bones, the muscles and more so the ligaments in our backs work together. The severity of back pain ranges from mild discomfort to severe, disabling pain, depending on the degree of strain and the lower back muscle contractions that result from an injury.

How to maintain healthy teeth

Smiling Lips

Oral health entails flossing, brushing and rinsing of your teeth. However, these are not only the solitary techniques of keeping your mouth in the best shape; there are more than just squeezing a paste in to your teeth and bruising them. Several people may not even know the essential tooth brushing techniques which are crucial to make sure that your teeth remain shiny, sparkling and healthy. If you use cigarettes you may have to ditch cigarette smoking and there you may be on your way to realizing heath teeth. Your oral health is one of the essential parts of your health that is supposedly exposed and if not well maintained it could be a shame to you. This is the reason why there exists a lot of information on how to maintain healthy teeth with exclusive oral care techniques. Here are some of the best oral health care techniques that could be beneficial to you if taken into account.

Bad Eating Habits

We all have certain habits which we like to associate so much because either we developed them and we are used to them or we grew up with them, most probably we were taught that way when we were young. Some of the bad eating habits have numerous negative health impacts, and this is why they pose a great danger to your overall health. According to a research a good percentage of us tend to imitate what others pick from the shelves or copy other people recipes without knowing actually what we want. This behavioral habit may as well be the greatest effect when it comes to adopting bad eating habits. We may indulge in bad eating habits knowingly or unknowingly and this may entirely be blamed on ignorance or lack of crucial information regarding the good and the bad eating habits. Here are some of the habits which are considered bad eating habits.

Healthy and Good Eating habits

Healthy eating entails more than just depriving yourself of food or strict dietary limitations, rather health eating is about feeling great and incorporating the health habits which go along way to ensure that your body state is in the best way possible. There are specific reasons to why you are supposed to eat, some of them being to keep healthy, replenish your energy requirements, mood stabilization together with many more other benefits which are derived from the food that we eat. Basically, there is a way we are supposed to eat nutritionally in order to achieve the good benefits of eating. Some of us may indulge in some eating habits which may impact negatively on the overall body sate and this is the reason why there exist several advices in regard to dietary nutrition and how to improve your health with exclusive eating habits. Here are some of the good eating habits that you ought to consider in your diet so as to achieve maximum benefits health wise.

What causes Osteoporosis?

One of the most common diseases all around the world is osteoporosis. The disease results in the weakening of the bones due to lack of calcium. Osteoporosis is a group of diseases in which bone move out pace bone deposit, mass is reduced and chemical composition of matrix remains normal. Bones become more fragile and more chances are of fracture. It is most common of the bone disease and high risk of breaking of bone is there. It mostly occurs in aged women like over 50, which is related to decreased estrogen level, they will have fracture of wrist and vertebra, bone of spine during their lives. As bone is living tissue existing bone is constantly being replaced by new ones. Entire skeleton is changed in ten year time, and it occurs when the body fails to form enough of the new bones, when too much of the existing bone is reabsorbed by the body or both. AS in young age body makes bones faster and as we grew old it is then slower.

Best diet for Lactating mothers

Many new mothers conjecture how breast feeding will have an effect on their diet. But probably mothers do not need to make any major changes to what they eat or drink when they are nursing, though there are a few very important considerations to keep in mind, which will have good effect on not only the mothers health but also on the kids health.

Internet addiction

While the time we spent on internet can be hugely informative, productive and compulsive it can interfere with your routine life, work and your association with your family and friends. People are now more relaxed with their online friends than their real ones. This brings pessimistic consequences in your life. Internet or online or computer addiction is a widespread problem which is infect result from easy access to computer and internet.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a somber and more of an exclusive social quandary in today’s world. It is becoming increasingly severe among the youth. The addiction of drugs is not a character flaw or a lack of will power but it is actually a mental illness and it should be treated like a medical problem like many other diseases are daily cured. It is now very much known that genetic factors along with social and psychological factors are main contributors to this addiction. Genetic factors almost cause up to 60 % of the risk factor for the drugs and alcohol usage.

What causes HIV?


HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Once someone is infected with HIV the virus will remain in the body for the rest of life. There is no cure invented for this virus so far neither any vaccine to protect people from this deadly virus. But there are certain treatments which can assist to live longer for the infected people. It is believed that it first occurred in the chimps and monkeys in Africa. When people their hunt for them contact with their blood while butchering and cooking has allowed the virus to pass to humans.